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More than 130 years dedicated to making the best chocolate. Find out about the history of Chocolates Valor, since our beginnings up until the present day, all the important events that have helped us grow, improve and evolve to get to where we are today.

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Mr. Valeriano López Lloret


This is where it all started…

The story of Chocolates Valor begins in 1881, with Valeriano López Lloret as the founder and the main character of a lovely adventure. This was the year when the company was set up, although the family background as chocolatiers goes back to decades before, when the López family were chocolate makers in the area of the Ermita.

1881 - 1891

Mr. Vicente López Soler

At the end of the 19th century, the son of Valeriano López Lloret takes charge of the company, the mechanical mill replaces the grinding stone and the mule gives way to the cart.
Thanks to this technological progress, the firm's production increases and its business routes now include Madrid, since their best customers spent Christmas there.

Vicente was very obliging when it came to his clients and in the summer the deliveries were made at night to avoid the heat and, in the winter, in the day to avoid the low temperatures.
Normally orders were for five pounds of chocolate, which cost five pesetas.

Foto Vicente

1916 - 1930

Sales expand

The "pedra" or the grindstone is replaced by the "malacate" or horse-powered mill and then years later by a diesel engine.

Sales spread to other town and provinces. Products are not sold directly to consumer families anymore, but rather through shops. Chocolates Valor acquires its first motor vehicle, a Chevrolet van, which could carry about 1 500 kilos and it replaces the traditional horse-drawn cart.

Llega la electricidad


Electricity arrives

Electricity arrives at the Ermita. Chocolates Valor now employs other daily-paid workers as well as family members.

Throughout these years, all the chocolate factories have to abide by the raw materials quotas and allowances established; sales are channelled and controlled by the Food Supply Commissariat. Valor was able to develop its business because its quotas were small..

1963 - 1966

Valor continues to grow

A factory is rented in Torrellano to satisfy the growing demands of the market.
Another new factory is also built in Villajoyosa, all the machinery is transferred from the Ermita in 1964.

Not only does this help increase the production, but it also improves the quality and enhances the range of chocolates.

Very innovative chocolates are launched on the market, such as the "Rombo" diamond shape chocolate or the "Soy diferente" line, which is still a registered brand, as it conveys the distinct spirit of Valor.

Valor continues to grow
The quality and difference as strategy


The quality and difference
as strategy

Valor adopts the quality strategy and launches Pure Chocolate on the market, a product that has become an emblem of the brand. Vegetable fats are not used as a substitute for cocoa butter to make it. The first automatic chocolate moulding and unmoulding machine (“automolda”) is installed.

The factory continues to update itself and increase its production capacity, more than 10 000 kilos 8 hours a day shift. In 1973, Valor becomes a public limited company, and it preserves its remarkable human dimension that has an extraordinary capacity to work with total dedication to the company, and where priority is given to quality.

1976 - 1995

Period of renewal

The management team gets bigger and a network of sales representatives is set up all over Spain, the firm advocates large-scale distribution that begins to transform the Spanish food industry.

In 1981 the company's centennial celebrations are held at the Montiboli hotel in Villajoyosa where a moving tribute is paid to Pedro López Mayor and the manager Antonio Galiana.

Year after year, extensions are made to the factory. The business expansion is huge and the whole company has to be restructured and the manufacturing plant has to be enlarged.
Valor also begins to sell loose chocolates and it starts to export to countries in South America, such as Argentina, Venezuela and Japan.

In 1995 the new extension on to the factory that covers 22 000 square metres is inaugurated. It includes the cocoa processing areas where the cocoa beans are processed so that the firm doesn´t have to buy the pre-prepared cocoa mass anymore.

Look at how our wrapping has evolved over the years.

2000 - 2005


Valor makes momentous progress in its line marketing, advocating the "pleasure" concept. The logo and the wrappings are revamped. The first advertisement that conveys this change was "Pure pleasure", which was followed by a series of advertisements under the slogan "Adult pleasure", which disassociated chocolate from the traditional children's sector.

In 2002 the 500th anniversary of the Discovery of Cocoa is celebrated. Together with the ruta Quetzal BBVA, a series of events are organised to conmmemorate the event.
Valor sets off on an exciting adventure by setting up the commercial subsidiary Valor USA inc.

that will distribute the product in markets of central and northern Europe. After 3 years of research, it launches the Sugar-Free chocolate on to the market, its "bouquet" is identical to that of the traditional formulas, which are best sellers and its production increases.

125 Aniversario


125th Anniversary

The 125th Anniversary of Chocolates Valor is celebrated. The Prince and Princess of Asturias pay a visit to the facilities in Villajoyosa and the chocolate art gallery is inaugurated.

The handmade chocolate line is expanded to satisfy the growing demand and Valor ventures into Signature Chocolates, a top class innovative range of confectionery.


Expansion continues

Valor marketing continues to focus on the "pleasure" concept, although it tries to appeal to a more urban and sophisticated type of customer.

In 2011, Chocolates Valor is awarded the “2011 European Candy Kettle Award”, one of the most prestigious awards of the sector.

Chocolates Valor continues to expand, and every year sales are increased abroad, achieving presence in more than 45 countries around the world.

European Candy Kettle Club


What lies behind the pleasure

"Do you know what lies behind the pleasure of Chocolates Valor?", this is how the campaign that we launched in 2013 began. It was intended to highlight the quality of our raw materials, our exclusive production process and our experience of more than 130 years of passion for chocolate.

We also launch our crunchiest range, Chocolates Valor Crocan, which combines our best milk chocolate with two remarkable flavours: Mister corn toasted corn and crunchy caramel cookie.

In April, we reach the 100 000 "likes" target in Facebook, a very active community of users that we are in contact with every day.

100.000 Fans!


Updating the brand

In 2016 Chocolates Valor revamps its logo after 16 years. It is graphically simplified and it is updated to become more transparent and to increase its brand visibility without losing any of its main features.

As well as renewing the logo, the image of all the products is given a makeover, so that they all convey the same values. Together with the renewal of the logo, the image of the products is also updated in such a way that the true essence of the brand is preserved and has a few modern touches to it.

Imagen Renovada
Work for pleasure