Chocolates Valor


Traditional chocolate bars

The iconic traditional Valor chocolate bars are made using the selection of some of the best cocoa beans in the world and the most highly valued ingredients on earth. More than 130 years of passion for the best chocolate and the unique recipe of our master chocolatiers gives us a supreme quality chocolate, with an intense flavour and aroma, and an exceptional texture; one that can delight the most particular palates with every ounce.

Selección exclusiva cacao

Chocolate making process

Do you want to know how do we make our chocolate?

The selection of some of the best cocoa beans in the world is fundamental to make excellent chocolate. Discover all the steps of our process!

Chocolate making process
Selección exclusiva cacao

History of Chocolates Valor

Find out about our history

Do you want to know what milestones have marked our track record? We are lucky enough to be able to tell you a very sweet story about the world of chocolate.


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